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The Market Creation Group is a full service marketing agency that focuses on the B2B marketplace in the technology sectors. They understand that decision makers tend to be a smaller market than a typical B2C campaign would target, and that takes a certain kind of language as well. Being able to hit CXO’s effectively is a bigger challenge, so they recognize that they need to have that target down. The Market Creation Group has a high degree of expertise in how to speak to specified markets and about their clients’ products for target markets anywhere between entry level business people and C-level executives. For example, an enterprise level software company might shoot for CXO’s and the Regional IT Directors that would be heading up the projects.

They clearly define goals with their clients, which may be to increase traffic to website, have a clear understanding of customers, generate 1000 leads by a certain campaign, or a plethora of other goals. They then work to exceed those goals and bring the client into the process. And the word on the street is that clients are pleased with the full service marketing work the Market Creation Group generates. 

“We make our clients look like rock stars.” –Mark Stiltner, Creative Director

I couldn’t agree more. Check out some of their fun, sexy marketing campaigns. These guys are amazing at combining business and pleasure to cultivate business interest on behalf of their clients. They have a fantastic understanding of how to positively gain their audiences’ undivided attention at a level that we normally expect out of big name brands like eTrade and Dos Equis.

Don’t want to take my word for it? Then how about the Business Marketing Association of Colorado, who has given the Market Creation Group numerous awards for work with their clients, including:

  • Equus Software: a Silver Award for B2B Print Advertising
  • Spatial Energy: for Best Product Promotional Material
  • ViaWest: for Best Total B2B Campaign
  • ArcMail: Silver Peak Award in Louisiana for Best Website in 2012

The big winner, however, and my personal favorite, is for the Confio Monsters, who won the BMA Award for Best Overall Marketing, the Best Overall Marketing Strategy Online, and the Best Integrated Campaign (print, banner ads, white papers, etc.). Confio Software is an intricate product, so to be able to articulate this was no easy task, either. Database administrators are normally in charge of making sure results happen fast, but databases don’t work as fast as they should a lot of the time. So, Confio tells those databases what’s wrong and how to fix it, which is their key differentiator but also the big challenge in marketing since it’s like jumping into 5th gear from a dead stop if you try to talk tech with the target market. Because of this challenge, the Market Creation Group chose to focus on the problems Confio solves and personify them in a way that’s memorable and unique instead in order to simplify communication. (Check these guys out…they’re cool!)

If you’re a company working in the tech space in Colorado (and there are many of you here!) or beyond and you need to hire a full service marketing agency to help with strategic marketing, demand generation, search engine marketing, or website development and design, give these guys a shout. I’m willing to bet your bottom line will thank you.

By Marisa Rybar

photo credit: d_hillphoto via photopin cc