How To Be Happy

Have you ever said I just want to be happy?

What you probably meant was I want to stop feeling the negative feelings I feel.

Most likely, your goal is ‘not-being’ sad (or anxious or frustrated or whatever.)

Unfortunately, you can’t escape something by focusing on getting away from it.

When your goal is to ‘not be sad’ you are always referencing ‘sad.’

When you focus on ‘not-being’ sad you may feel better (less sad) but you can never be completely free from sadness.

I’ll also explain in a little bit why you can’t simply replace sad with happy.

When we feel sadness, we must first ‘clear’ that negative emotion.

Once clear, we can fill that empty space with whatever we choose.

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Peace is that empty space.

Peace is the place from which everything is possible.

From Peace, I can move powerfully and effortlessly to anywhere I choose.

I am writing this to share the gift of Peace with you.

When I share the gift of Peace, I don’t need to show you anything new.

The Truth of what Peace ‘is’ has always been the Truth.

However, it has been covered over with non-truths.

I simply expose the non-truths and you see the Truth.

When you see something it cannot be un-seen.

I’ll prove it.

Visualize what a yellow VW beetle looks like. See the shape in your mind.

Now try this…

Erase the concept of a yellow VW bug from your mind.

Forget what a yellow VW beetle looks like.

Impossible right?

Like the yellow VW beetle, Peace is one of those things that, once seen, can never be unseen.

In this moment, what do you think Peace ‘Is?’

Many believe Peace is the feeling of happiness or joy or the not-feeling of anxiety or sadness.

I know you have experienced Peace.

At the time you might not even have known what it was.

The Truth is Peace is the absence of all feelings or sensation or emotion.

Peace is nothingness.

But when our emotions/feelings/sensations are positive (e.g. Joy), there is no motivation to make these positive feelings/sensations go away.

So the concept of Peace only applies when we are trying to move away from negative emotions/feelings/sensations.

Sensory deprivation is a good analogy.

Suspended in liquid with the same specific gravity of our body, weight cannot be perceived.

Immersed in complete silence, sound does not exist.

Surrounded by complete darkness, there is no concept of light.

Peace is more than the temporary absence of Sadness or Joy in the moment.

Peace acknowledges Sadness and Joy are creations of our mind.

Peace is the empty vessel ready to be filled with anything.

When we feel sad or anxious, we often try to ‘be happy.’

This doesn’t really work because in order to move from sadness to Joy, we must first clear sadness.

We must first get to the empty vessel.

Once empty, we can fill the vessel with whatever we choose.

Here is an analogy.

Imagine being on a beach close to the water.

Push your hand deep into the sand.

Almost as soon as the hand is withdrawn, water seeps in to fill the void.

We are the sand and Peace is the moment before water comes to fill the void.

In the moment before water comes to fill the void, nothing is there.

In the Void, we think and feel nothing. We are completely free.

Unlike sand that cannot prevent water rushing in to fill the void, we have the power to choose what fills the void.

Even better, we have the power to not to fill the void at all.

We have the power to create and hold the empty space (Peace.)

This is a magic power.

But wait you ask…

How do we ‘punch a hole in the sand’ (release the sadness) to create this void?

That answer is for another time.

For now, simply understanding we must first clear the negative to gain access to the positive keeps on wasting energy trying to ‘be happy.’

Just knowing whatever we feel is created in our mind gives us power to dissolve it.

Now you see the Truth.

You can’t un-see what you have seen.

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