Closing is Black and White

The questions I use to determine whether a deal will close can be answered with a Yes or a No.

  1. Does the person you are speaking with have the authority to make a decision to purchase [OUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE] should you choose without asking anyone else?
  2. Has this Person of Authority agreed to a timeline for making a decision and agreed to a scheduled Decision Meeting?

An opportunity without a Person of Authority or lacking a decision timeline is NOT an opportunity.

When I ask these questions during a pipeline review, salespeople typically do one or more of the following:

  • They blame the prospect for ‘not mentioning it.
  • They complain that the prospect’s answers were ambiguous or vague.
  • They share the entire history of their relationship in an attempt to distract me.

My position on this is straightforward.

  • It is your responsibility to know the answers to the questions above.
  • It is your job to probe and push until your understanding is unambiguous.

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