3 Simple LinkedIn Hacks for Everyone in Sales

Most of us have figured out LinkedIn is a powerful tool for finding and engaging directly with our Ideal prospects. Hopefully, some of you are also using LinkedIn messages and InMails to introduce yourself to potential prospects.

Even with lots of posts out there offering advice on the dozens of things you should or should’t do on LinkedIn I want to share my top three simple rules that will take your LinkedIn prospecting to the next level.

Almost every one of my clients use LinkedIn extensively for prospecting efforts and, trust me, they are KILLING IT! A client recently told me he was setting at least six initial phone meetings each week sending LinkedIn messages alone.

Here is what they are doing to ensure success:

#1 – When inviting someone you don’t actually know or haven’t actually met to connect… write them a quick note instead of using the default ‘Since you are someone I trust…‘ text. This will take you 30 seconds and you can probably use the same basic template over and over again. Point out something in their profile that caught your eye. Better yet, flatter them by saying you admire something they’ve done or written.

#2 – Can you guess the first thing someone does when they get your send someone a request or a message? They check out your profile. Make sure your tagline and summary appeal to your ideal target prospect…not recruiters! If you are using LinkedIn to sell then you already have a Job so you need to make sure your messaging will let your prospect know you are someone that helps people like them solve the kinds of problems they are likely to have.

#3 – Last tip: When you send your first message or InMail, it should not be a pitch for your product or service. This one should be obvious. Would you walk up to someone at a networking event and say: ‘Nice to meet you, I thought you might be interested in outsourcing your B2B lead generation and B2B appointment setting services?’ Of course not! So why does this seem like a good idea on LinkedIn? Say hello first and start a conversation because that’s what normal people do.

I hope these three simple tweaks help elevate your prospecting game on LinkedIn.

If you have a spare moment, please share your favorite LinkedIn tips below.

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