Free Access to a $2M Sales Tool and Process Library

In case we haven’t met, my name is Townsend Wardlaw and I am a successful sales strategist and coach you have probably never heard of.

And yes, I’m literally giving away access to everything on my hard drive… over $2,000,000 worth of sales tools, process guides, templates, cheat sheets, and eBooks.

In a minute I’ll tell you why I am giving away every single powerful sales tool I’ve ever built but first I think it makes sense to introduce myself.

15 years ago I left a successful career in professional sales to open my own sales consulting company. Since exiting this business 5 years ago, I have focused exclusively on sales coaching and consulting

In my current high-impact consulting practice
– I serve a limited number of clients each year.
– All of my clients come from a referral.
– My fees, like my results, are outrageous!

Speaking of results, my average client last year doubled their revenue!

You’ve probably haven’t heard of me because, unlike my peers in the sales consulting world:
– I haven’t written a book (and don’t plan to)
– I turn down the many requests I get each year to speak at conferences and
– I don’t have a one size fits all ‘system’ for sale

How can a hard drive be worth $2,000,000?

As a high-impact sales consultant, I work with my clients to deliver dramatic revenue growth. As I mentioned, my services do not come cheap. An average client invests upwards of $20,000 for a few hours of my time…

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