You Need a Sales Coach

It is strange and a little funny to me that organizations don’t consistently invest in sales coaching.

Despite the fact that generating revenue is high on the priority list, little time or money is allocated to ensuring every opportunity has the right strategy and plan.

What Coaching is (and isn’t)

Sales coaching seeks to refine your selling strategy, tactics, and technique in the context of a specific situation. Your weekly pipeline review is NOT a coaching session.

Your manager is (probably) not a coach.

Chances are, your manager has not been trained to coach. They are also unlikely to be working from a structured and methodical coaching process. Typically, managers are good at dispensing advice and encouragement.

Your manager can’t allocate enough time for coaching

Even if you are lucky enough to have a manager with a real process for and understanding of coaching, it is highly unlikely they spend an adequate amount of time coaching you.

How Much Coaching Do You Really Need?

To perform at their highest level, sales professionals require a minimum of 1.5 hours of focused coaching each week. This does NOT include time set aside for specific ‘meeting preparation’ coaching. My most successful clients pay me to spend two hours each week with each of their sales reps. Additionally, we typically meet another 2 or 3 times each week to prepare for and practice for meetings or presentations associated with high-value opportunities.

Isn’t that a lot of non-productive time?

That depends how you measure productivity. On average, my clients double their revenue production in six months or less. I have had the privilege of working with several sales professionals last year that tripled their revenue.

How Much Does A Sales Coach Cost?

I would be suspicious of anyone who charged less than $100 an hour. I know coaches who charge $1,200 per hour that are worth every dime.

If you find yourself saying ‘That seems expensive’ you should ask yourself: ‘How much more revenue would I need to produce to make this investment a no-brainer?’

Experience the Power of Coaching (for free)

I have launched something exciting and hope you’ll join me.

Every Wednesday at 2pm, I’ll be broadcasting two, 30 minute sales coaching sessions.

If you are interested in being coached by me for free, complete this short questionnaire and I’ll reach out to you personally to schedule your session.

If you’d like to watch the live coaching session, you can visit my LiveStream site on Wednesdays at 2pm MDT. You can also go anytime now to add events to your calendar.

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