How to Exceed Your Sales Plan

This year, I am starting a new adventure. For the first time in over 12 years, I will be an employee. After running my own company for half that time and consulting the other half, this will be quite a change for me. I’ll still be working with a select few clients on a limited basis and plan to produce a significant amount of new content so I am not concerned with getting bored.

The opportunity to lead a sales team presented itself when one of my clients asked me to make the leap to ‘all in.’ I saw this as a unique opportunity to build the sales organization of my dreams under the leadership of a passionate and capable CEO who understands and respects the profession of selling.

If all goes according to plan, this will be a breakthrough year for this 10-year-old company. I’ll be documenting my adventures here so be sure to check back.

Like most sales leaders, last week signaled the beginning of my journey to attain the sales target we developed over the past few months. I have signed up for an aggressive plan this year… more than 50% growth over last year. Because we are privately held, I am unable to share our exact revenue goals but wanted to provide a window into the level of precision used to translate that end-state goal into expectations that can be measured week over week.

Here are the metrics I will manage to as well as the ratios used to ‘crunch the numbers.

To achieve sales plan in 2015, me team will need to…

  • Make more than 35,000 outbound calls
  • Set 837 first meetings (2.5%)
  • Create 175 paid pilot opportunities (21%)
  • Advance 131 pilot opportunities to qualified (75%)
  • Sign 40 pilot opportunities (30%)
  • Convert 26 pilot opportunities into a subscription deal (66%)

These numbers and ratios are based on a combination of results from last year as well as my personal experience. The numbers and ratios for your team or your personal quota will be different.

The point is they exist and progress towards plan is measurable every day.

How many opportunities will you need to exceed quota? How many new prospect should you meet with every week to fill your pipeline?

The clock is already ticking so go build your plan right now!

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