8 Ways Salespeople Can Write Better

I am often asked by salespeople how they can improve their written communication skills. Here are my eight go-to answers.

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1) Take a Creative Writing Class – Every skill improves with practice and there is no better way to practice your writing than a creative writing class or workshop (offered in your community, at a local college, and even online.)

2) Practice – Sales professionals without a blog are missing an opportunity. Failing to at least use LinkedIn publisher to post original content is inexcusable. How else are you building yoru personal brand? Check out my good friend Charlie Beseckers’ posts on LinkedIn. He has a great job with a great company and still understands the benefit of building his audience. He is also a talented writer because he keeps his skills fresh through practice.

3) Send it Tomorrow – This needs to be standard operating procedure. Always ‘sleep on’ your email or proposal overnight. Edit your work with fresh eyes in the morning.

4) Have a Colleague Review – This should be a no-brainer. Set up an edit-swap arrangement with someone in your company.

5) Have a Non-Colleague Review – If you want to ensure clarity and simplicity, have someone outside your company (or better yet outside your industry) read through it. Spouses and significant others make great editors particularly when motivated by gifts.

6) Compose Your Draft or Outline on Paper – A yellow legal pad has always done wonders for my writing. For me, important emails, letters, and presentations always start on paper.

7) Standardize Communication with Templates – anything well written is worth using 100 times. For more on this read my article HERE

8) The Business ‘Haiku’ – This is a fun exercise that tests your ability to concentrate thinking and create a powerful message. Draft your email using only three simple sentences – just like a Haiku. Take out all the fluff and polite language. When you are done, write the real email around those three sentences. See how little you can add.

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