How Did That Sales Call Go?

The goal of prospecting is to convert an interuption into a scheduled conversation.

Contrary to popular belief, the first scheduled meeting should not be a sales pitch.

Instead, the first meeting should be short (15-20 minutes) introduction intended to stimulate curiosity and run out of time.

For more on my approach to prospecting and holding the first meeting you can CLICK HERE

In this post, I wanted to share the worksheet I use to assess the first scheduled meeting and then provide coaching for sales reps.

You can see the assessment worksheet below or



First Meeting Assessment Worksheet

Greet and Settle – Introduction & small talk

Time Check – Is this still a good time? Is the prospect distracted? Offer to reschedule?

Set Call Expectations – Did we clearly set objectives & gain agreement on time?

What does ____________ Do? – Did we use a referential approach? Offer to share a story?

Probing for Need? – Did we take a general approach (What’s on your plate?) or take risks?

Focus on Us vs. Them? – How much time did we spend talking about us versus asking about them?

Research and Preparation – Is it apparent we did appropriate research and prepared questions?

Quality of Questions? – Did we ask open ended or closed ended questions?

Objection Handling? – Did we seek clarification? Did we move on or get stuck?

Follow Up & Clarification? – Did we seek additional information? ‘Tell me more…”

Referrals and Return Access? – Did we ensure return access if handed off to someone else?

Next Appointment & Closing the Call – Did we schedule the next interaction? How well did we close the call and set expectations for next steps?


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