Who Coaches the Coach?

A little over a year ago, I met the man who is now my coach.

I met Mike Valentine by accident when I came across a few of his business cards scattered across the table in the main conference room of one of my clients.

It seems he had presented the day before to the CEO and a group he was part of.

As I examined the cards spread around the table, I noticed each one had a small red dot on the back. None of the dots were in the same place but I couldn’t accept that they were merely printing mistakes.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the front of the card read:

Mike Valentine

On Purpose Now

I asked the CEO what the red dot meant. What was it for? Why was it there?

I don’t know” was his response.

You mean to tell me someone whose company is called ‘On Purpose Now’ was here with you all day and didn’t mention why he has a red dot on the back of his card?

He may have… I just don’t remember” he replied.

My curiosity was at ‘11’ so I did the only natural thing and sent an email that read: “Mike, I found your cards in my CEO’s boardroom, what’s with the red dot?

My phone rang 20 minutes later and it was Mike Valentine who promptly shared the story of the red dot.

We agreed to meet for coffee. To be honest, there was not even a specific reason to meet… we just agreed it would be a good idea.

My guess is you are wondering about the red dot. I’m not going to share that with you just yet.

We met for coffee a couple of weeks later and within 10 minutes of meeting Mike, I asked if he would be my coach.

You see my entire professional life I have coached others. Yet I have always wished I could find someone who could coach me.

Are YOU curious yet?

I hope so because I am going to give you a chance to meet Mike.

In a few weeks, I’ll be hosting a short webinar – Thursday October 15th at 2pm MDT

The topic will be “What does it mean to live On Purpose” and it will be recorded in case that time doesn’t work for you.

If you’d like to join this event, now by clicking HERE. At Mike’s request (and against my better judgement) there will be no charge for this webinar.

If you need more information before deciding, look for my next post where I’ll share the agenda as well as some more about my work with Mike.

I might even tell you the story of the Red Dot!

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