Your Most Powerful Year!

This post has a single purpose: I wish to inspire you to make 2016 your most powerful year ever.

Just a few days ago, I received an email from Jill Konrath whose blog I subscribe to. Most of the time, I enjoy reading Jill’s work and agree wholeheartedly with what she has to say.

This time however, I couldn’t disagree more with the premise of her post: Why It’s Good to Lack Confidence Going into 2016

In the article, she quotes Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, author of Confidence who offers this advice: “Your goal should actually be to maintain low confidence” and “we should never be satisfied with our results.

Jill goes on to add: “If we are [satisfied with our results] we’ll start falling behind – and won’t even know it.”

Nothing could be further from the Truth.

The Lie that dissatisfaction is the best source of motivation is perpetrated largely by our western culture.

The Lie that Acceptance leads to or is the source of complacency is responsible for the record levels of unhappiness, depression, suicide, and drug dependency we see all around us.

I should know.

I grew up in the northeast (Connecticut) and am no stranger to the chorus of pressure and dissatisfaction as sources of motivation.

Of course pressure and dissatisfaction and self-loathing are powerful motivators… up to a point.

Unfortunately, these lose their effectiveness over time.

More importantly, they have an adverse effect on our happiness and quality of life… the very things our so-called successes are supposed to enhance.

I know far too many driven and successful people who have mastered the art of ‘remaining dissatisfied.’ The sad truth is they tend to be lonely and empty and deeply unhappy people who are not much fun to be around.

Still stuck on the myth that dissatisfaction is a necessary component of success?

Let me make this even simpler for you.

Each night, I go to bed at peace with where my life is at this moment. I fall asleep completely satisfied with whatever results I produced that day.

Yet somehow I manage to wake up each morning and jump out of bed completely energized to go out into the world and live my Purpose.

My motivation to produce results is greater than the day before.

How is this possible you ask?

The answer is Acceptance and you can read more about this powerful force HERE.

For those short on time, I will share that Acceptance comes from the acknowledgment that where we are in this moment is not only OK, it is exactly where we are supposed to be.

Unlike dissatisfaction, Acceptance creates the potential for unlimited energy and motivation.

Over the holidays, I read a powerful book titled: Learning to Die in the Anthropocene.

I hope to finish my overview of this book soon. In the meantime, I want to share what I found to be the most inspiring paragraph.

The universe is everything that is the case. It is total and complete. There is no outside, it lacks nothing, and it cannot be other than what it is. A slight tweak in any variable and everything would be completely different. To have this moment, as you read and breath, everything that happened for the last thirteen billion years had to happen exactly as it did. Nothing went wrong. No mistakes were made. There was no sin, no error, no fall. There was only necessity.

For me, this means that 13 billion years have brought you to read these words. It can only be true then, that wherever you are in your life is exactly where you are supposed to be. The Truth is you, my friend, are whole and perfect and complete exactly as you are.

From this place of perfection, you have at your disposal the energy of the entire universe to go anywhere, be anything, and create anything you choose.

That is Powerful.

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