Predictable Revenue in Five Minutes (or less)

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Sales Vice Presidents (and the CEOs that manage them) struggle with knowing whether the sales forecast will come to fruition or (once again) evaporate come end of the quarter.

Similarly, individual contributors (aka Sales People) wrestle with whether or not they have enough opportunity in the pipeline to make their number.

I strongly recommend reading Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin. You can also visit their Predictable Revenue website for lots of great tools and advice.

However, if you’d like to implement a system that provides absolute certainty into whether or not you (or your team or your VP of sales) will hit the number this year in the next five minutes, answer these five questions:

1) How many scheduled 1st meetings does each rep set with new prospects?
     Correct Answer: 6 – 8 per week or more

2) What is the show-rate for these 1st scheduled meetings?
     Correct Answer: 85% or more

3) What percent of these 1st meeting result in a 2nd meeting?
     Correct Answer: 50% or more

4) What percent of these 1st meetings produce a qualified opportunity?
    Correct Answer: 25% or more.

5) What percent of qualified opportunities result in a win?
    Correct Answer: 20% or more

Contrary to popular belief, even the greatest selling skills will not get you to your number if you lack sufficient top of the funnel activity.

So if you want predictable Revenue…

The most reliable predictor of success is the number of scheduled 1st top of the funnel meetings you (or your team) can set each week.

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