Nobody wants your product (or service.)

“Nobody wants to schedule an appointment to talk about cleaning services.”
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This was the note attached to the invite for my Thursday morning call.
I challenge you to think of an offering any prospect would eagerly agree to meet about from a cold call.

A prospect will enthusiastically agree to meet to discuss any product or service they believe they absolutely must acquire in this exact moment.

I call this the ‘It’s your lucky day’ scenario and this phenomenon occurs (approximately) every 1,500 calls.

Absent luck, no solution exists that entices our buyers absent consideration forthe timing of their need.

…and how could we possibly know what specific need any particular prospect woke up this morning thinking about.
The path through this conundrum is what I teach in my cold call prospecting methodology.

  • The goal of any cold call must only be to transition from this interruption to a scheduled conversation.
  • Absent blind luck, it is impossible to stimulate interest or excitement from a prospect about your solution on a cold call
  • We must never sell into an interruption (where selling is defined as one of the five P’s) product, pitch, price, present, proof.

We must acknowledge in trying to secure an initial meeting, we are selling ourselves.
Our desire to meet with a prospect stems from our belief they are worth meeting in order to begin the process of building a relationship that might someday present an opportunity for a business transaction.
In turn, we must ask ourselves how we can demonstrate value to the prospect.

How will we be seen as someone worth meeting?

When viewed through this lens, it is simple to see how leading with our product or service can never add value for the prospect at this stage of the relationship.

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