Powerful Selling: Schedule The Next Meeting

I could spend the rest of my career teaching sales organizations to embrace one simple and powerful rule:

Never leave a meeting without scheduling the next one!

Sounds simple right? Why then do the vast majority of sales professionals default to the same dysfunctional approach?

“I’ll follow up next on Thursday.”

“Let’s connect in a few weeks.”

“Why don’t we touch base in a month?”

This reflexive desire to ‘follow-up‘ rather than scheduling the next meeting is absurd when you consider re-connecting with a prospect always takes longer than you expect and requires multiple touches (emails, phone calls, voice mails, etc.)

Have you ever stopped to think about the following:

  • How much time do you waste chasing the prospect or customer even when you know when they want to speak with you?
  • How many days pass between when you intended to connect and the day you finally get connected?

Perhaps it’s time to get out of the ‘follow-up’ trap?

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Three Proven Strategies for Scheduling the Next Meeting

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