Learning to create an exceptional life

15 years ago (or possibly longer) I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with The Pacific Institute. To give you an idea of how long ago this was, the course binder included 30 days of reinforcement coaching on tape cassettes.

To this day I am grateful for Doreen Lecheler who invited me to this two-day session that forever changed my beliefs. That weekend I learned some simple yet powerful truths that have guided my choices every day since. The group’s founder, Lou Tice passed away in 2012 but his work continues on today.

When the company I founded reached one Million in revenue, I became eligible for and joined Entrepreneurs Organization. As a member, I attended dozens of free or highly subsidized events featuring some of the worlds most knowledgeable thought leaders.

Most fondly, I recall an intimate dinner sitting across from the highly sought after business sales guru Jack Daly. I’ll save the story of how I convinced Jack to join our group at dinner for another post but share that the only cost for more than three hours with someone who easily commands upwards of $20,000 to speak was his share of the bill.

Two years ago, I attended Landmark Education’s Landmark Forum workshop for three intense life-changing days. Soon after, I attended their ‘Advanced Course’ workshop that took my concept of what is possible to an entirely new level. Each of these experiences cost me a whopping $595.

Not long after the Landmark experience, I met the man I call my ‘Life Sherpa.’ Mike Valentine helped me identify the gifts I am here to give and the Purpose I am here to live.

You can learn more about the uncanny way Mike appeared in my life by reading this post and watch an interview I did with Mike on What it Means to Live on Purpose Here.

Throughout my life I have both sought out and stumbled upon incredible opportunities to learn how to create an exceptional life.

I am fortunate that my work today allows me to share this knowledge with others and I receive and respond to emails from members of my audience every day sharing how they are stuck in one way or another.

People come to me looking for advice on how to improve their businesses or careers. Yet in the majority of cases, their challenges are the result of self-limiting beliefs rather than a lack of knowledge or effort.

The sad truth is that neither school nor parents teach us how to use our mind to its full potential.

Consider that over the course of our lives we spend thousands upon thousands of dollars…

– To hire personal trainers to improve our workouts

– For therapists and life coaches to give us guidance

– To send our kids to baseball or volleyball camp to give them an edge

– On expensive vacations as a reward for making it through the year

– For personal shoppers to help us stay fashionable

– On golf lessons to improve our swing or putting ability

– For once in a lifetime ‘experiences’ that provide no long-term benefit

We seek out and invest in activities that provide an ephemeral feeling of happiness and look great on Instagram.

Yet how much time and money do we invest in programs that offer the potential to transform our minds and, as such, our lives?

Do you want to live a powerful and fulfilling life?

Do you want the same for your children and loved ones?

Learning to live an exceptional life requires investing time, effort, and your money to learn new ways of thinking.

Groups like Landmark, Global Information Network, and Robbins Research Group  (Tony Robbins) are just three of the many organizations that offer programs focused on helping people how to improve the quality of their life by teaching them to improve the quality of their minds.

With a quick web search you can find out which of these organizations offers programs near you or research other options.

Invest the $500-$600 that seems to be the norm for most entry level programs and don’t worry about choosing the perfect program!

If you walk away with one idea that changes your life it will be time and money well spent.

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