20 Sales Process Guides [Free Download]

My passion is helping sales professionals and sales leaders learn ‘exactly how‘ to master the tools, techniques, and processes to support their success.

For the first time ever in one place, here are links to download (for free) 20 of my most popular process guides, play-books, templates, and cheat sheets.

For almost five years, my most popular guide has been the Cold Calling & Objection Handling Playbook – It has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

A large financial services company to create a specific Cold Call Script for their financial advisors.

My Golden Rule for selling is Never leave a meeting without scheduling your next interaction. This guide shows you three specific approaches to Get the Next Meeting.

No shows and cancellations kill efficiency. Here is the Ultimate Guide to Ending No Shows. For some additional scripts and email templates, you can also download an older version of my No Show & Cancellation Guide.

Getting the prospect to share their pain is the most important part of the sales process. My Breakthrough Approach to Discovery is a dramatic departure from outdated needs analysis techniques.

Discovery is the most important aspect of the sales process. My Ultimate Discovery Questions Matrix shares the exact questions you should ask to understand your prospect’s need, buying process, and how your solution will impact their world.

Top of the funnel prospecting is essential to making your number. While few love cold calling, my Triple Your Prospecting Output guide shows you how to manage this prospect for maximum efficiency.

Email is an important tool for communicating throughout the sales process. Here are my top go-to Sales Email Templates all in one place.

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This First Meeting Assessment worksheet is for managers looking to coach their sales reps through one of the most important interactions.

Bringing on new sales people is one of the most challenging parts of growing your business. This Sales Interview Process and Hiring Guide walks you through the exact process I use to build great teams.

When hiring sales people, the real work starts after you’ve made the offer. Use this New Sales Rep Hire and Ramp Plan to ensure your sales reps get up to speed quickly.

Upwards of 70% of all opportunities result in ‘No Decision.’ In most cases, the opportunity never even existed. Download my Is the Deal Realworksheet and stop wasting time with prospects who will never buy.

Sales is one of the few careers where you can take control of your income. But not without a plan. This Sales Success Planning Worksheet is a great tool for planning your year.

Sales reps assume they need to present a proposal to win the deal. This No Proposal Script has been used over and over again to bring in business without wasting hours writing that proposal.

As a sales professional, time is your only real asset. I developed ‘Time Blocking’ to teach sales people how to manage time based on the best use of your most valuable resource. Download the Ideal Sales Rep Calendar or New Hire Sales Calendar Template.

Sales is a game of numbers where success goes to those who measure and reflect on their own performance. This Prospecting Effectiveness Self Evaluation worksheet focuses on top of the funnel activity to help you track and benchmark your results.

A couple of years ago I got tired of selling $27 guides and $47 ebooks on my website. I had a crazy idea… What would happen if I gave away access to Everything On My Hard Drive?

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