Nobody Showed Up To My Webinar

A month ago I had a brilliant idea… or so I thought.

The plan was to host a conference call offering sales people the opportunity to have me coach them live on real deals they were working on.

Over the course of an hour, I imagined I could coach five or six people through tough selling situations they were facing.

At the same time, a live audience would listen in and benefit from learning strategies and tactics they could use on their own deals.

I sent out an email to my audience of over 10,000 people to ask if this sounded interesting.

More than 300 people replied with responses like, “Yes please” and “I’m in!” and “This sounds awesome.”

So what’s the problem?

The call is today and I have 15 participants registered.

You read that right…15.

More puzzling is the fact that only two participants have volunteered to be coached.

In full disclosure I charge a fee for webinars… a whopping $20. I charge a fee so people will actually show up. I also give away free passes if people can’t or don’t want to pay.

I’d love you to leave comment about why you think participation was so low

Here are a few hypotheses I have you could react to:

–      I picked a bad day/time wrong (10:30am on a Wednesday in mid November.)

–      Even $20 is too much for people to spend on a webinar

–      The idea of being coached is more appealing than actually being coached.

–      People are simply too busy

–      Coaching someone requires specific knowledge of their industry and situation

As I said, the whole situation has me puzzled.

Regardless of how many people show up, I am looking forward to the call today and I’m certain everyone will get their money’s worth!

Like I said, I’d really like to hear your thoughts so please post a comment.

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