A little about who I am

Townsend WardlawI started my sales career commuting more than an hour each way for the privilege of making more than 120 outbound cold calls every day while working for a regional long distance reseller. This provided more than enough motivation to focus my efforts on attracting the attention of a better employer, and I was soon recruited to work for AT&T during the 90’s telecom and internet boom.

With tours of duty at BDM, TRW Technology Services, Lucent, and Avaya, I had my share of large corporations and left a secure job and hefty salary to start my own company, Three Value Logic. For six years, I ran my own sales consultancy and sales outsourcing company that, at its peak, delivered millions of cold calls and many more millions in revenue for our clients.

Since shutting Three Value Logic down in 2009, I have lived the glamorous, profitable and relaxing life of the sole proprietor. My boutique consultancy works with Founders and CEO’s of companies earning between $1M and $10M to help them lead happier and (more importantly) more profitable lives.

Happy Selling,
Townsend Wardlaw

Lead Generation

Sales leads don’t just happen. They require demand generation through a broad spectrum of sales and prospecting techniques, including cold calling, lead nurturing and prospect qualification. Learn the art of selling here.

Sales Management

How is your sales organization structured? What is the flow of information? What are the responsibilities of the key roles within the company? Don’t let inefficiencies prevent your business from its greatest potential profits.

CRM Effectiveness

How you manage your pipeline and clients can make or break your success. Whether you’re using an Xcel spreadsheet or Salesforce.com, be sure you are using it wisely because the unfortunate truth is that most companies don’t.

Executive Coaching

When you’re at the top of the food chain but still want grow, there are few people you can turn to for advice. I’ve been there myself, and I’ve helped countless others like me to get out of their heads and into smarter decision making.


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