Working with Townsend has tied together every “personal development” book, podcast, youtube video, course, and silent meditation retreat that I’ve consumed or experienced in the past 5+ years. I’ve been able to connect dots in every area of my life that have made everything more effortless and enjoyable. Everything is easier, every relationship is better, and my ability to create my life rather than report on it has been unlocked. Ultimately there are no words, there is only the experience - I recognize it would be difficult to have a conversation even with my slightly younger self to tell him just how transformational it would be to work with Townsend. It is absolutely not for everybody, but if you have even an inkling that it might be for you.. it’s your life; it’s not a dress rehearsal.

~Trevor H.


Working with Townsend is a life changing experience. In just a few sessions I experienced transformation in all areas of my life. Instead of waking up to a world of challenges, hard work, and problems; I wake up to a world filled with infinite possibilities and fun. In areas of my life where I was holding back, in doubt about what I wanted or should do next, I am now unstoppable and free from fear and doubt. Townsend guided me to me reconnect with my own infinite capacity to love and create. This work is the ultimate gift anyone can give themselves.

~Wouter D


I do so much work that’s creative, but even though I’ve been doing it for 25 years, it can be hard to get out of my head and stop comparing it to what others do. Townsend taught me a structured process to get at the root of unhelpful self-judgments and replace them with thoughts that serve me. More than that, he helped me see that I don’t just create words and music—I create everything in my life, which means I can apply the same processes to anything I’d like to change.

~ Aaron D



Many high performance people are suffering yet apprehensive about change, since that would mean upsetting a system that has worked well for their career, finances, etc. 

I came to Townsend a bit atypically. I was/am a high performing leader helping to scale a company, but I was also begging for a monumental change.

My life was consistently in the acute phase of emotional/spiritual/mental suffering. Despite a year of work dealing with trauma and mental health issues, I had only learned the tools to identify problems, and lacked the understanding how to move forward again out of a frozen state. 

Over the course of my work with Townsend, my eyes would get a little more clear each time we met, and I started to understand the elements that kept me in neutral, and more importantly, how to begin to move past them. I realized that it was my birthright to live a full life. 

One of of my biggest breakthroughs was realizing that changing the things I did and trying to change my habits would only be a temporary band aid. I’d invariably end up in the same place a month later with a broken habit to show for it. I needed to concentrate my efforts on how I created myself with thoughts and words.

My work with Townsend altered the course of my life. To quote one of my favorite books - “I don’t know where I’m going, but I know exactly how to get there.” The greatest gift he gave me (or better said, helped me to see) was the ability to create deeper relationships, speak openly with people I love, and have a vision for my own future. 

I am a better leader, son, husband and friend. And that’s just the beginning. “

~Alex G


I was looking for a different perspective and more opportunity for my life. I have always been able to work hard to get the things I wanted in my life but was never truly satisfied or fully enjoyed what I was doing on a daily basis. During my first conversation with Townsend I knew almost immediately there was a diff way to view life and goals and shift the way you create how you see things to get everything you can imagine without working yourself to death.  

Our work together helped me see when I wasn’t being the person that lives the life I want to live and create a process for cleaning up those discrepancies.  

Since our work together I have created more in six months than in the last 6 years of my life.  It has transformed the way I see, speak, hear, and interact with the world.   I tell people all the time if I wasn’t living this, I wouldn’t believe it.  

I attribute being able to Build my own business and scale it to our work together.  10xing my income in just a few months.   Having a network of like minded men that can create even more together and not only being able to see all the doors in my mind that have even more potential but knowing that I now have the process to create the unique key that will unlock it and present more opportunity in my life.  

~Justin M


I don’t know what specifically I was ‘looking’ for, but I do know I got so much more than I imagined. 

I was looking for something and nothing all at the same time. I wanted more accountability and guidance, but was also hesitant because I had done some group coaching programs in the past and didn’t get great results. So I came in without super high expectations as I didn’t really know what I was getting into. 

Overall though was looking for/hoping for inspiration, but I got a transformation instead. 

I was looking for accountability, but got a true support system instead. 

I was looking for coaching, but I got strategies and tactics that changed the way I thought, behaved and thought about the world and myself.

There are so many areas of life where this work helped me learn about and see circumstance differently. The way I thought about myself, the way I thought about the world. What bad mental habits were in place that had been there for long I didn’t even realize they were there. 

I think the biggest shift for me was around the language that I used about and to myself and how it was not supporting my true goals. Saying I wanted one thing, but then my language and habits in no way truly aligning with those goals.

In terms of where I have experienced transformation in my life is in how I identify my self. The way I speak to myself. How I set my goals and vision for myself. My results in my business ventures have improved. My relationships with my wife and daughters have improved. I feel like I have so much more clarity in so many areas. Playing the game of ‘how would this version of KD’ act. Playing bigger games and not settling or shying away from what could truly be. Integrity as well. Townsend did not pull punches when you needed to hear something he said it, and he helped reframe my ideas around integrity. Why would the universe honor my asks if I don’t honor my word?

It sounds corny, but opportunities have just been showing up at a rapid pace. My decision making on where to focus I am now able to do around my identity, ‘how would someone who believed this act’ which steers my choices in so many ways. Coming from a place of ‘being’ vs ‘doing’ and removing the phrase ‘I’m trying’ when receiving compliments. 

I truly believe that because of this work I will break my income goals next year, my lifestyle goals next year, all while having more enjoyable and passionate relationships with myself, wife, and daughters. 

I am. I am. I am.  I am the greatest at what I do and will never settle again. There is no worst case scenario. 

Thank you for all you have done. 

~Kevin D



When I connected with Townsend, I wasn't necessarily looking for anything directly. I was curious about having the opportunity to be part of a group of like-minded individuals who could support my commitment to learning, self-improvement, and getting a little better every day.

I've also been investing heavily in myself lately. You could say I was in the mindset of self-improvement and reading every book I could. I'm someone who is always looking for that edge… always looking for ways to improve and push the limits of what I believe is possible. Ultimately, I'm looking to become the best version of myself.

The work we did together helped me learn about myself. It allowed me to uncover opportunities for growth I hadn't seen previously.

Prior to this work, I was producing results but almost always in a state of beating myself up. The voice in my head insisted I wasn't getting there fast enough or tried to convince me I could have done more to satisfy a client or I wasn’t there enough for my family.

Since working with Townsend, I have learned to identify and eliminate the negative thoughts and beliefs that drain my energy. More importantly, I have learned how to transform them into thoughts that energize me and how to create myself as the exact person I want to be right now.

This has been a game-changer.

The last three months alone, have been incredible.  I have experienced a massive increase in my ability to accomplish the business objectives I am going after. The potential I have in front of me now is almost difficult to get my head fully around.

For example, my business is profitable and thriving, I'm fielding a potential multimillion-dollar acquisition, and I'm continuing to uncover new opportunities that make this potential acquisition look like a bad idea.

It’s an astronomically different world that I'm living in now.

I have to say though that the most valuable part of the work is that for the first time in my life, I have the ability to live in and focus on the present and have a framework to get myself out of ruts with incredible speed.

I've unlocked my entire and unlimited potential to create my life however I choose. There are literally no limitations. If I want to make it happen, it's going to happen. This has been a complete and total game-changer for me.

~Ryan R


I was looking for a performance coach, an accountability partner. Instead, I was introduced to a community of men who went on a journey to understand the narrative that we have created for our lives, l, and learn how to rewrite our narrative, and Live out the rewritten narrative.

All of this was facilitated by a leader and a coach that welcomed difficult questions and open dialogue so we could learn from one another. 

Our work helped me to take a hard look at the unuseful judgments I had of myself. The experience made me feel like a hoarder of thoughts/judgement that were bringing me down. I have often heard the advice, “speak to yourself the way you would talk to a best friend.” I learned quickly that I would have zero friends if I spoke to them the way I spoke to myself.  

During our work together, I have experienced transformation of my relationship with thoughts; my relationship with my wife, my family, and friends; how I wake up each day and create myself each morning; how I approach clients and prospects, and how I approach leading a group 

As a result of this work I moved to a new firm which I could not be more pleased with; I started an instagram community of individuals that create themselves every day; I recorded a video that I listen to each day that allows me to create myself every morning and throughout the day.

The most valuable aspect of our work together has been having a repeatable process that has not ended since our last meeting.

This wasn't a motivational speech, it unlocked of a permanent mindset shift. Most coaching is like a massage. This was more like brain surgery!

~Andrew M


When we first connected, I was looking for an opportunity to "level-up".  Having done some personal work in the past, I was very aware of the positive impact.  Life was great, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to jump into something like this again, even though I often thought I had it all figured out (which played into a common theme of me viewing myself as better than everyone).

The work I did with Townsend uncovered that common theme (among several others), and I would have never uncovered that on my own. I also didn't realize how many areas of my life that judgement had a negative impact.

Since working with Townsend, I have a process I can trigger at any moment that brings me something other than happiness and joy, and as a result, my quality of life is consistently higher. I'm starting to notice that each one of these moments is gradually transforming my being.

The most valuable aspect of the work we did was correcting my viewpoint that at some point I'd be "done" with working on myself.  I've now accepted that I'm playing an infinite game, and that the work is never done.

~Josh E


I was very aware of the fact that I had identified some issues in my life, but hadn’t worked towards solving any of them, when Townsend and I first connected. I felt stuck in a rut- aware of these personal problems, issues, desires, but I had not found a way to work towards or over those things. When Townsend called offering this class, I knew it was my opportunity to commit myself to do something about it.

Our work together helped me understand the power of my mind. It helped me realize that I create my experience- consciously or unconsciously. Feelings about myself or others, happenings in my life, my emotions, all of it, I was creating without consciously doing so. The insight was then, that I could control all of the above with conscious, calculated creation. 

I have almost completely shed fear of flying by creating myself as someone who has no fear on airplanes. Someone who is confident enough to hop on a plane anywhere and feel no fear or anxiety. I also have remade some personal figures in my life in a way that has helped me feel more positively towards them, bettering our interactions and helping me understand or empathize with them. I have also experiences transformation in how I feel about myself. I am more forgiving and kind to myself, creating a better me everyday. 

The outcomes and results that I attribute to those transformations are a better me, simply put. More calm, rational, less affected by emotional shifts. Able to better control my thoughts about myself or other people, and to catch myself falling into a pit of self disparagement. The most valuable aspect of our work together was absolutely becoming aware that what you create unconsciously shapes so much of your life, and to bring consciousness to that creation can change everything.

~Brian Rehkopf


When I first connected with Townsend, I was living life in a malaise.

No real problems, no big complaints, but very limited genuine feelings of joy.

Anxious about the future, bored with the present…

Through Townsend’s guidance and the exercises, I started to see things, by things and mean my thoughts.

Not only did I start to be conscious of my thoughts, I began to understand that my thoughts/ judgements created my experiences.

And then I learnt and continuously practice tools to dissolve my un-useful thoughts.

Like a muscle, I’m working every day at recognizing my un-useful thoughts, replacing them and re-creating myself.

Knowing that I’m exactly where I should be in my life is comforting and that my mind/beliefs will manifest my future is an exciting concept.

It’s a journey and I’m happy to have Townsend in my life to help me steer.

~Marc Bienstock

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