Successful & Accomplished (but probably don’t admit that)

Happy (but starting to ask “is this it?’)

Driven (maybe too much)

Hard on yourself (always on to the next challenge)

Intelligent (usually the smartest one in the room)

Passionate (is that a compliment or criticism?)

Never Satisfied (of course not, that would be complacent)

Committed (that’s a double edge sword isn’t it?)

Visionary (again, you probably don’t admit this)

Secretly Frightened & Bored (that’s why you never slow down)

Ready (for more of what really matters)


   Have helped my clients generate billions in revenue and impact.

Have coached dozens of founders to successful exits.

Serve those who love to play the game called “making money” but also want to have a massive impact and be ridiculously happy.

Am not afraid to call you on your bullshit.

Will show you how much of life you are missing out on.

     Know what you really wish for (Peace, Freedom, and Connection).

     Can teach you to access your infinite capacity to create.

     Am the life and spiritual guide everyone else will think is just here to help grow revenue.

I work with a handful of inspiring clients each year.

If you’d like to have a conversation, please use this form to send me a message or you can text me here.

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