Do you often feel like the smartest person in the room no matter whatever room you are in?

Do you have a track record of exponential success in high-stakes, high-reward situations?

Do you understand the distinction between complicated and complex – and find you are constantly drawn to the complex?

Do these sound like your gifts?

  • You are extremely talented.
  • You are a visionary.
  • You have high-level, complex pattern recognition.
  • You are an incessant learner.

But each of your gifts has a dark side:

  • A dark side of being a visionary is you tend to be impatient and you have a low tolerance for people who want to play small.
  • A dark side of having complex pattern recognition is that while you can see in an instant what holds others back, you can’t do that for yourself.
  • And a dark side of being an incessant learner is that being the smartest person in the room can be very lonely.

A Client Story

Dan is a successful entrepreneur who founded his company and grew it to $5 million in annual revenue, from scratch.

The problem Dan faced was that “what got you here won’t get you there.” To scale to $10 million in revenue looked impossible, when he first met me.

Dan initially asked me to help him solve all the problems he could see, related to his sales systems, his processes, his tools and even his salespeople

The problem was that what was holding Dan’s company back were the problems he couldn’t see. And that’s where our work together began

Within two years, Dan was able to sell that company and cash out his investors.

He has now founded his second venture backed company growing at 20% per month.

Hi, I’m Townsend Wardlaw,

Most people know me as one of the world’s leading experts on complex, high-dollar, high-intimacy selling. 

  • As a former leader at a Fortune 500 technology company, I was part of a team responsible for $1.6B in revenue.
  • As a consultant, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow and successfully exit their business.
  • And as a high level coach, I am currently building the sales infrastructure for a venture backed company that is forecast to IPO at more than $1B valuation within 3 years.

Right now, I’m writing my first book, What's Next? The journey from success to exponential success.

If you are on this journey – and you want to turn the success you’ve already had into exponential success, then you and I should have a conversation.

I work with just five clients a year and most of my clients are by referral.

If you’d like to speak, contact me here…


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