Do you have a track record of exponential success in high-stakes and high-reward situations?

Do you often feel like the smartest person in the room regardless of what room you are in?

Do you have an unique ability to navigate complexity to create opportunity?

Do these sound like your gifts?

  • You are a visionary.
  • You are highly intelligent.
  • You move faster than everyone around you.
  • You are able to navigate complexity.

Do you find your gifts have a dark side?

  • The dark side of your vision is you rarely feel challenged.
  • The dark side of your intelligence is an inability to connect. It's lonely being the smartest person in the room.  
  • The dark side of your speed is the impatience and frustration you feel when others can't keep up.
  • The dark side of your ability to navigate complexity is you can’t see what's holding you back.

My name is Townsend Wardlaw and most people know me as one of the world’s leading experts on complex, high-dollar, high-intimacy selling. 

  • I went from rolling burritos to leader at a Fortune 500 technology company in less than five years.
  • I have built more than 100 sales teams from the ground up 
  • I’ve coached and counseled hundreds of entrepreneurs along their growth journey including dozens to successful exit.
  • I pioneered the high end solution sales outsourcing industry and created the first for-profit sales institute responsible for launching the careers of more than 1,000 sales professionals.

These days I have a simple business plan:

"Meet inspiring people and help them make more money, create massive impact, and be ridiculously happy."

I am also writing my first book titled: "Quality Problems - When having everything you ever wanted doesn't get you what you needed."

I work with a handful of clients each year and most are by referral.

If what you read here resonates, let's have a conversation.

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