Are you a visionary founder who rarely feels challenged?

Do you move faster than everyone around you yet feel frustrated nobody else can keep up?

Do you effortlessly navigate complexity but struggle to see your own blind spots?

Do you have the success everyone else wants but never feel successful?

​​Are you almost always the smartest person in the room yet are secretly lonely (or maybe even bored)?

My name is Townsend Wardlaw and I serve founders of emerging companies ($2M - $10M in revenue) looking to get unstuck.

My clients want to understand what's not working inside their company and, more importantly, see what's holding them back 'between the ears.'

Here are some other things you should know about me:

  • I know what it's like to have a vision and build a company from scratch - my company reached almost three million.
  • I know what's like to fail - After seven years, I shut my company down and filed for bankruptcy.
  • I know how to grow revenue - I've built more than 100 sales organizations, many from the ground up.
  • I know how difficult, scary, and all consuming your role is - I’ve coached hundreds of founders and CEOs along their journey including dozens to successful exit.

These days my business plan is simple:

"Meet inspiring people and help them make more money, create massive impact, and be ridiculously happy."

I work with a handful of clients each year... most are by referral.

If what you see here resonates, let's have a conversation.

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