Who Do I Serve?

I’ve worked with hundreds of founders and guided more than three dozen to generational wealth-producing exits.


Along the way, I have witnessed:

– The many who divorced
– The many who sacrificed relationships with their children
– The many who still worry about money
– The many who still chase success

– The many who still wake up alone and unfulfilled


Everything in their life got an upgrade except THEIR LIFE.

Who Am I?

I began my career journey at 27, rapidly advancing from outbound cold-calling for a small, long-distance reseller to vice president of a Fortune 500 technology company in under six years.


In 2002, I ventured into entrepreneurship, founding a sales consulting and outsourcing company that grew to $3M in revenue.


After closing the company in 2009, I dedicated myself to empowering others, coaching hundreds of founders and thousands of leaders.


My efforts have generated over $1.5 billion in revenue for the companies I have worked with and created more than $1 billion in generational wealth for their founders.

What I hold in highest regard is my role in mobilizing over $7.5 billion in capital and contributions towards social and environmental organizations.


Currently, I coach a select group of founders and their leadership teams and serve as the trusted advisor to the world’s top coaches. 

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